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Why is male semen analysis important?

Why is it important to check male semen analysis, when women have to carry a baby?

Santaan fertility believes and practices in a careful assessment of couples. This enables us to clearly identify the causes of infertility and pick the right procedure to meet the patient's requirements.

Since we have been practicing infertility issues for over a decade now and have come across that even after so much ‘noise’ about male infertility issues people still ask why it is important to check male sperm when women have to carry a baby. According to a WHO statement, the recent status of infertility in India is that approximately 50% of infertility cases are due to “male factor” infertility.

Whether it's due to genetic problems or lifestyle habits, infertility is becoming a common problem amongst both the male and female populations. Fortunately, today many fertility treatment options are available that are helping couples with infertility issues. Semen analysis is the first test that a fertility expert commonly asks men to do.

Why semen analysis is important-

  • Semen analysis is a test that measures the quality and quantity of a man's semen and sperm. The test detects the count and motility.

  • Semen analysis is recommended if a couple has difficulty in conceiving. Semen analysis can be used either alone or in conjunction with other tests for male infertility, such as semen analysis and sperm count.

  • Semen analysis can measure several aspects of fertility, including how much semen you produce, how well your sperm swim, their shape and size, and whether there are any unusual cells in your semen.

  • Semen analysis plays an important role in determining the cause of infertility, as well as guiding decisions on fertility treatment.

  • If you are having trouble getting pregnant, and all the tests of your female partner are fine then you should go for Semen analysis.

Semen analysis is a helpful way of evaluating male fertility. It helps and traces the issues with sperm production and motility, along with abnormality in sperm cells. This test is particularly helpful when it comes to finding out the cause of infertility in men. To know more Visit Santaan : Best Fertility Clinic in Odisha

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