Preventive & Participative (Parents & Teachers)
AI-Powered Children Health Monitoring

How it Works

00- Early Milestone Tracker

An evidence-based platform that empowers parents to monitor their child’s development and screen for delays such as autism. The platform harnesses the power of parent insight and expert curation to build personalized developmental profiles for each child, based on crowd wisdom. The company’s mission is to motivate parents to become active partners in healthcare in order to catch and treat developmental delays early. 

01 – New Born Screening (NBS) and Paediatrics Screening – Sgenetics

Newborn screening tests that screen newborns for potentially fatal disorders that aren’t otherwise observable at the time of birth. Early diagnosis and proper treatment of these disorders can make the difference between lifelong impairment and healthily development of the baby. New-born screening includes simple and safe tests that are performed any time after 24-48 hours after the baby’s birth to rule out clinically significant life-threatening disorders.

02 – Healthcare at School

Healthy children are the backbone of a healthy nation. Good amount of a child’s time is spent at school. So, school health services and programs play an integral part of the health care system. By empowering the teachers to monitor the health of a child can play a major role in improving the health status of the future society. Skids has partnered with audyx for this.

03 – Non-Invasive

We provide periodic health check-up from head-to-toe including biochemical tests in a non-invasive manner within few minutes and which empowers parents with their child’s complete health history in their hands which they can access anytime from anywhere and can consult with the health care experts as and when required basis.

04 – AI-based

AI based platform – collects health parameters through non-invasive procedure – collaborate between parents, teachers & pediatrician. Our AI based platform not only helps you to monitor your child’s health periodically and personalized analysis of symptoms and advice on the next plan of action. It also analyzes growth and development of child, compares with peer group and alerts in case of any discrepancy.

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